Monday, February 17, 2014

Lego Star Destroyer Set

Lego Star Destroyer Set

This blog is all about LEGO Star Destroyer models and all other StarWars related LEGO kits. We are not talking about those kids stuff but these real like models which you can enjoying building and then enjoying showing off to others. These are not simple LEGO blocks you buy for kids from malls but custom made sets for building various space ships you see StarWars trilogy.

These LEGO spaceship models cost you around $100 - $1000+ depending on the size how rare is the set. Those of these LEGO sets are very rare and have become expensive collectibles for StarWars fans. Also now you buy today might because couple of times higher price few months or year later. These are the models you see in conventions and exhibitions. 

Setting up these models might be not for small kids but anyone from teens to adults will enjoy this a lot. You can get a full manual how to do step up step with photos making it really easy. But most of these LEGO StarWars Spaceship models are small in size. For example this LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer Model 10221 measures nearly 50 inches and weight around 8 pounds (3.5kg). So you might need to start the project somewhere you have enough space to do the whole project and also keep it for display.

Also most of these big Advanced Lego sets come with many Lego support characters and small objects like fighter ships for Star Destroyers and bigger war ships. Even these models can be costly it is something really fun to have and enjoyable to build. Who does say adults can't play with toys. This can be a perfect birthday gift for any StarWars fan you know. LEGO Star Destroyer would become the master piece of their Starwars item collection and they will love it.

Good thing is you can find models in different sizes for various prices. For example there is this giant LEGO Star Destroyer which which can cost you over $1000 at Amazon. Also most of these big spaceship sets comes with 3000+ Lego pieces and you will be days to build those. But the point is these can't be a great challenge for you and wonderful way to spend some parents-kids time. This is something even kids would love to do and enjoy.

Also if your kid or garnd-kid is a bit StarWars fan then you can start buying cheaper models which you can get for less than $100 and help them to build their StarWar ship collection. One day they can own a grand model like one of these Huge StarWars Star Destroyers and even Alliance Millennium Falcon model which is known as Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon came out in 2007 but no longer in production. This is the holy grail of all Lego StarWars models which comes with over 5000 pieces and price tag with $4000-$10000 depending on condition of the set.

So you can see owning a Lego model or models like this is dream of All high level StarWars fans. Also what  you buy for cheap today can before expensive collector models in future. Also a collection which can hand over from one generation to another. You might not a StarWars fan but if you know someone who love Stars then here's your chance to find a perfect gift for them. Something he might not receive from anyone. Also something they will enjoy a lot building and showing others. Great way to show your love and care by giving something unique and something they would treasure and proud to own.

So check all the models listed here and find something really cool and also fit to your budget. You won't regret your decision because whoever you present this will treasure this for rest of their lives. After going through all these super cool looking lego models even you will love those and want to have one or two. Not just spaceships but there are many more Lego StarWars items. From both Empire side and Alliance side. Find your favorite items for both sides for your collection.

Here's a video which showing Starwars fan building the Lego Model called 10221 which had taken nears 2 days to building using all 3000+ Lego pieces. 

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